Father Raphael of Jamaica

Second Gleaner report

Priest is now on Visit
To His Native Land.

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Daily Gleaner, July 22, 1913.
Father Raphael of Greek
Orthodox Church

The above is a picture of the Very Reverend Father Raphael of the Order of the Cross of Golgotha and priest apostolic of the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church, Father Raphael (who is known in the world as Robert Josias Morgan) is a Jamaican, from Chapelton, Clarendon, and is now on a visit to his native land. He will remain in Jamaica for a few weeks, during which time he will preach and lecture in any Church or place in which opportunity may afford him, for the reason that there is no Church of his Communion in this island.

Father Raphael has travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. During his first and second visits to Russia, he was received and entertained at the Great Monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church in Odessa, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kieff. He was also present at the anniversary service of the Coronation of the present Czar and at the Requiem High Mass said for the repose of the soul of the late Emperor, and at which time, as special guest at the Kremlin Palace, his photograph appeared in the leading journals and magazines of Russia, Europe and other countries.
During Father Raphael's visit to the Holy Land and Europe, he was the special guest of the Occumenical Patriarch of the Apostolic See of Constantinople and of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the Patriarch of Antioch, and the Patriarch of Alexandria in Egypt. He has visited the island of Cyprus, famous to us in the New Testament and in Ecclesiastical history. In Cyprus, Father Raphael visited the ancient City of Salamis, where he saw the great ruins of that place. His purpose has been to study the customs and manners of the nations of the world, and of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Churches in the Orient. He is the only negro priest of the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church in all western Christendom. His 30 years travels in the different continents and countries of the world, have gained for him a world wide experience and he has been received and honoured by many great and noble men and women, and is quite a favourite of the Greeks in Greece, Turkey and the United States of America. He celebrates mass in the Greek and English languages. During his stay in Jamaica, clergy and other persons of whichever denomination desiring to secure his services, may address him as the Very Rev. Father Raphael, O.C.G., poste restante, Kingston, to which replies will be made.