Father Raphael of Jamaica

 Father Raphael

 - a priest of the Greek Orthodox Church
who was a Black Jamaican from Chapelton in Clarendon.
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[This site was mostly constructed early in 2006]
 Jamaican newspapers of the late-19th/early-20th centuries contain an enormous amount of information on life in the island at that period, but very little research has been done on that time. Consequently the researcher is continually coming across material about people and events little known to the present day.
Recently I came across articles about Robert Josias Morgan of Chapelton, who, after a very interesting life, had become Father Raphael, a priest of the Greek Orthodox Church.
So far I know no more of Father Raphael than is told in newspaper reports in 1913, but there are clues to further information which I hope to follow up.
 On this site I will set out all the material I have found so far, and I hope to be able to add further information as I find it. I shall follow up some sources suggested by the material I have, but I shall be very grateful for anything that any visitor to the site can tell me. I will gladly acknowledge any contributions that are made to the site.