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At the moment the last reference I have to Father Raphael is a notice in the Gleaner of November 1, 1913, that he would speak at the Claremont Methodist Church on November 26. I have found no reference to that talk, to any further activities of Father Raphael nor to his departure from the island. He remains a mysterious figure.
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I have already started to make further enquiries about Father Raphael, and as and when I find more information I will add it to the site.

I hope that someone may know something of his travels in Europe, perhaps from a chance reading of one of those old journals in Russia or elsewhere. Also there may be some record of his role in the Greek Orthodox Church in Philadelphia or elsewhere.

Perhaps someone knows of his education in Sierra Leone and the UK, or has seen a reference to him as a missionary in Liberia.

I have recently located some later references to Father Raphael's stay in Jamaica.

Daily Gleaner, May 28, 1914, page 14

Our Port Maria, correspondent writes: "The Very Rev. Father Raphael paid a visit to this town, and gave a lecture in the Parish Church on his travels in Palestine. The attendance was fair and the audience very attentive. The Rev. Father was very instructive and impressive in his lecture. Another lecture was delivered by Father Raphael to the Branch Labour Union and was highly appreciated by the members and friends present. The subject of the lecture was "Unity, labour and benevolence.” At the close of the address the Father was accorded a hearty vote of thanks.



Daily Gleaner, July 15, 1914,  page 4


[From Our Correspondent.]

St. Ann's Bay, Friday: - A fine lecture was given In the Anglican Schoolroom, of this Town, last night by the very Rev. Father Raphael Priest Apostolic of the Orthodox Greek Church. The gathering was quite a representative one, and at about 8 o'clock the Rector (Rev. C. H. Swaby), in a: few well-chosen words, introduced the lecturer to the audience.

The Rev. Father prefaced his lecture by informing his hearers how glad he was to be here once more. Thirteen years ago he was in that very Schoolroom lecturing, and since then he had done a lot of travelling. A very educative and interesting lecture then followed.



Daily Gleaner, November 2, 1914,  page 13


Father Raphael, Priest of the Greek Orthodox Church, who has been in the island for some time, sailed for America last week. It is understood that he will return shortly to his native land and start mission work under his Faith. As is well known, the seat of the Greek Church to which father Raphael belongs is not far from the theatre of war, so there is no hope of  the Father returning to his Mother Church in a hurry. Father Raphael is a native of Clarendon.




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