Father Raphael of Jamaica

An earlier visit:

Father Raphael made a visit to his homeland in 1901-2, when he was still an Episcoplian priest.
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Daily Gleaner, October 9, 1901  page 7

West Africa.

A meeting of the Jamaica Church Missionary Union was held at the Theological College on Monday evening. His Grace the Archbishop presided.

Among those present was the Rev, H. A. Alcock, M.A.

The Rev. R. J. Morgan gave an interesting address on West Africa and mission work. He said he left Jamaica for work in West Africa, and served five years there, of which he spent three years in mission work.

The speaker give a vivid account of the country, of its custom and the manner in which Christianity had advanced.

 Daily Gleaner, October 7, 1902, page 29



At the Church Hall, on Thursday evening next a lecture entitled "Africa - lts people, Tribes, Idolatry, Customs," - will be delivered by the Rev. Robert J.

Morgan (a negro) of the American Episcopal Church, a retired Missionary from Africa. The lecturer claims to have travelled extensively in Europe, Africa and America. Rev. John Graham will take the chair.