Father Raphael of Jamaica

First Gleaner report.

Daily Gleaner July 19,1913.


Jamaican Priest Back in His Native Land.


Conditions in States are not Favourable to Jamaicans.
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The Very Rev. Father Raphael, Priest Apostolic of the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church, has returned to the island after years of travelling all over the world. The rev. gentleman is a native of this colony and was born at Chapelton. Fourteen years ago (the occasion of his last visit to the island) he was a clergyman in the Protestant Episcopal Church, (the Church of England in the United States of America) but he was subsequently received into the order above mentioned, being the first and, up to now, the only coloured man in western Christendom that has been admitted. Father Raphael has travelled through Europe and Asia, visiting the holy places in Palestine. He will remain in Jamaica for some time and would be glad if opportunities were afforded him in the different districts of the island to lecture on his wide experiences. 

 During a conversation with a reporter of this journal, Father Raphael touched on a very interesting question -- the ever-increasing emigration of our young people to foreign parts. He said that he was sorry to find such a state of things. He had seen many of our people stranded in the United States, and he was of opinion that the existing conditions there were not favourable to them, generally. He did not mean to say that many of them were not prospering, but still this exodus was much to be deplored. He thought that some steps should be taken to encourage them to remain at home.
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